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Descripción Detallada - Porque en tu negocio…cada chavo cuenta.

Service Modules

Our programs offer 6 Service Modules; you choose and combine your needs:


“Cash management makes the difference
between business success or failure.”

• Daily bank reconciliations and reporting – A list of your outstanding checks and deposits is presented and reconciled on a daily basis for you to take informed decision when determining which payments to schedule or hold.

• Daily reporting of bank transactions – will keep you up-date on your account status; an important tool to keep account healthy.

• Daily cash flow and liquidity analysis – On a single screen you will see the total amounts of un paid invoices and uncollected receivables, statement of accounts ‘real-time” and last payroll paid.


• Daily data entry and scanning of invoices – all of your invoices are picked in your office, scanned and available the next day for your review. You see actual image of the invoice and who approved it. It still needs your go-ahead to be paid.

• Free Checks and mailing: We cover the expense of the actual checks, envelopes and postage.

• Controlled Payment Process – payments are not sent unless there’s a clients’ approval on the system. Program provided for double approvals.

• Safeguarding of Checks – Blank checks are personalized with your logo and encrypted signature. Checks comply with FDIC standards and security features. There are no preprinted checks for your company.

• Encrypted Signature – we encrypt your signature on the magnetic checks for immediate mailing or delivery to your office.

• Recurrent Payments – You can schedule recurring payments with fixed amounts with appropriated time frame, e.g. weekly, monthly, etc.

• Payee Information – Detailed historical of payees, their information and invoices paid.

• Weekly processing of payable payments by check or electronic transfers – you choose the payment method.

• Withholding, payment and reporting of professional services – we manage, according to local law, the withholding, paying and reporting, as images of waivers.

• Year-End Tax Forms – We prepare and file 1099, 480-6A and 480-6B (PR only) for each payee, as applicable.

• CD-Rom – Preparation of an organized and indexed electronic file with all invoice and bill images for the year is available. This service promotes paperless office and maximizes clients’ office space.


• Controlled Payroll Process – Payroll is processed once client has reviewed a complete summary of wages to be paid and we receive explicit authorization. Client can also set-up and process multiple payrolls at the same time, e.g. biweekly payroll for executives and a weekly payroll for hourly employees.

• Calculation of accurate compensation and regulatory withholdings – system computes hourly or salaried employee wages, withholdings and deductions in compliance with applicable laws.

• Employee Vacation and sick Days – are accrued and maintain in the system, allowing client to track tendencies and make informed decision when approving vacation schedules and raises.

• Employee Personal Information – is maintained in the system, paperless. Client can access relevant information from employees. Actual “view only” controls are permitted in accordance to PR laws and Social Security regulations.

• Processing of payroll checks and/or direct deposits – free payroll checks and direct deposit process. Information on checks included accrued YTD information. We create and transmit your payroll’s Direct Deposit electronic file.

• Deposits and reporting to regulatory agencies – 100% guaranteed – We prepare your Quarterly Returns for Workman’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance as well as compute, post and process required payments for the PR Treasury Department (Hacienda). We prepare and sign as qualified and trained specialists, your Quarterly Informative PR Tax Return. We also prepare the W-2’s and W-3’s at year end.

• IRS – Service includes Federal and State Unemployment Tax Form (FUTA and SUTA), State Income Tax withholding and your quarterly Social Security forms to keep in compliance with both local and Federal Labor Laws.


“Managing the money your clients owe you is as important as managing the people you pay.”

• Invoicing –You can generate your invoices right in the system. We provide the service of printing and mailing them.

• Images of Invoices – We can scan invoices generate in your office into the system and place them on your site in order to apply payments and keep track of unpaid ones.

• Daily aging report and customer transactions – You can view all your outstanding uncollected invoices for each customer, review scanned images and history of transactions.

• Electronic collections – Applied upon you clients approval. Ideal for collection condominium fees.

• Detailed Deposits – You will be able to segregate each deposit made by customer and invoice collected, for future reference and analysis of tendencies and projections.


• Assignment and availability of two trained accountants – A reliable source to handle common day-to-day requests and questions.

• Accountant review, reconciliation and closing processes – to help on your financial decisions

• Preparation of standard reports - Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, Accounts Payable Aging, Accounts Receivable Aging, payroll register, Check Register, Invoice Register and General Journal (Report of all transactions).

Tasks (Customer Service)

• Personalized customer service
• Official communication between users
• 24/7 monitoring of requested services
• Organized by priorities
• Quality Reviews
• Recurrent services and/or transactions

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